Prime Image, USA
A2000, A3000, A4000
    Y/C adapter
  • converts the Video Toaster composite inputs and outputs to Y/C
  • attaches directly to the Toaster backplate with its six RCA connectors and RCA to BNC adapters
  • Toaster's all composite connectors are passed through (6× BNC)
  • Y/C inputs (4× mini-DIN) and an output (1× mini-DIN)
  • Betacam or MII compatible component output (Y/R-Y/B-Y)
  • 3-way adaptive comb filter
  • all inputs and outputs are available at the same (Y/C, composite, component)
  • external power supply
Prime Image Little Magic Box -  front side
front side
Prime Image Little Magic Box -  rear side
rear side