Team 4, UK
A2000, A3000, A4000
Zorro II
Autoconfig ID
3084 / 12
  • 768×576 (PAL) 32 bit framebuffer (24 bit colour + 8 bit alpha channel)
  • double buffering for two 32 bit screens or four 8 bit screens
  • realtime full colour RGB frame grabber
  • RS343A and RS170 compatible video output
  • T800 @ 25 MHz transputer for board pixel operations and image processing - frees up the host CPU so the user can enjoy fast response from the computer without waiting for graphics operations
  • 4 MB VRAM for the framebuffer
  • 4 MB DRAM for the transputer
  • a built-in SCSI controller was planned for fast loading of images
  • supported by TVPaint and Kasmin Paint (the latter features realtime hardware scrolling and transputer controlled brushes)
Team 4 Kasmin -  front side
front side