BSC / ith Kommunikationstechnik, Germany
A2000, A3000, A4000
Zorro II
Autoconfig ID
5000 / 1
2049 / 65
2092 / 65
  • supports two B-channels and one D-channel
  • supports X.75, T70NL (Btx), V.110, syncPPP, HDLC, 1TR6 and E-DSS1 (EuroISDN)
  • microphone, auxiliary and phone headset connectors
  • 64 byte FIFO buffer
  • D-channel activity monitoring
  • driver (fossil.device) emulates a Hayes compatible modem
  • optional module allows full telephone features with answering machine
  • parallel data and telephone calls
  • requires at least a 68020 processor
  • supported by NetBSD
  • ith Kommunikationstechnik bought the license before BSC's bankruptcy and continued production and software development
  • the new ith device driver supports multiple ISDN Masters in one Amiga
BSC / ith Kommunikationstechnik ISDN Master II -  front side
front side
BSC / ith Kommunikationstechnik ISDN Master II -  back side
back side