The Puzzle Factory, USA
A500, A1000, A2000
  • a public domain hardware hackers project, designed by Jeff Lavin
  • sold as a kit - either the PCBs only, or all components
  • consists of a main board and one or two serial I/O boards connected by 20 pin ribbon cables
  • the main board plugs into the CIA B socket with a 40 pin ribbon cable, the CIA chip is moved onto the board
  • does not work with the A3000
    serial interface
  • one or two Rockwell 65C52 ACIA chips
  • each serial I/O board holds two DB25 serial connectors
  • newser.device supports 15 standard baud rates from 50 to 38400 bps, plus the MIDI rate, 31250 bps
  • full hardware handshaking
  • up to four units may be open at one time, although a 68000 processor may not be able to keep up with all four units running above 2400 bps
    parallel interface
  • one or two Rockwell 65C22 VIA chips
  • up to four parallel ports driven by eightbit.device
  • the type of the connectors depend on the user, either DB25 or Centronics can be attached
The Puzzle Factory I/O Expansion - Main board front side
Main board, front side
The Puzzle Factory I/O Expansion - Serial board front side
Serial board, front side
  • IOBoard.lha
    building instructions, schematics
    newser.device v2.10

    349 kB
  • newser221.lha
    newser.device v2.21
    28 kB