Expansion Systems, USA
    A4000 expansion chassis
  • allows using all four Zorro III slots of the A4000 while having a video card installed
  • designed especially for Video Toaster Flyer users
  • doubles the height of the A4000 case
    Xtender card
  • 1× extended video slot
  • 3× ISA slots
  • connects between the A4000 motherboard and the A4000 daughterboard
    additions to A4000
  • 2× 3.5" internal drive bays
  • optional drive rack for 3× 3.5" internal drives
  • optional cable kit for Newtek Flyer - no need for octopus cable
  • optional fan kit for increased cooling
  • optional 250W power supply
  • 3× hard disk activity LEDs
  • 3× cutouts for 50 pin Centronics SCSI connectors
  • 2× cutouts for DB9 connectors
Expansion Systems HighFlyer - Xtender card front side
Xtender card, front side
Expansion Systems HighFlyer - Xtender card back side
Xtender card, back side