Keybonus Ltd. / Amiga Centre Scotland, UK
A2000, A3000, A4000
Zorro II
Autoconfig ID
2118 /
  • designed to produce RGB component video with CCIR compliant blanking and synchronisation (doing the half lines, serrations and equalizing pulses)
  • built in genlock - its output can be synchronised with a black burst studio reference, but does not do keying or mixing
  • filterd output signal, so it is quiet and properly band-limited
  • screen modes:
    • vertical resolution is fixed by CCIR compliance to 576 lines for the PAL variant, 486 for the NTSC variant
    • horizontal resolution can be selected from 910, 832, 768 (square pixel) or 720 for PAL, or 910, 832, 640 (square pixel) or 720 for NTSC
    • 15 kHz interlaced (CCIR compliant) or 31 kHz non-interlaced (VGA timings)
  • as well as normal 24 bit colour the board supports 24 bit palette mapped colour
  • supports 15 bit graphics
  • supports 8 bit direct or 8 bit palette mapped (from 24 bit palette) graphics
  • uses the Brooktree Bt473 RAMDAC same as the OpalVision
  • the framebuffer allows for storing a 24 bit image or 3× 8 bit palette mapped images
  • with the double buffering option it allows for 2× 24 bit, 2× 15 bit or 6× 8 bit images stored simultaneously
  • the buffer switching is synchronized to vertical blanking and can be switched every frame if necessary
  • the 8 bit alpha channel can be output as an analog signal for linear keying or anti-aliasing
  • it can also be reassigned to provide a 15 colour palette mapped overlay screen in addition to the main screen
  • the board can be configured to produce interrupts on the first and/or second field of the interlace
  • memory:
    • H2000 Plus: 2 MB VRAM
    • H4000 Plus: 4 MB VRAM and double buffering
    • the VRAM is linearly mapped into the Zorro II address space
  • backwards compatible with the Harlequin
  • optionally bundled with MacroSystem's V-Lab Y/C real-time digitizer