Elbox, Poland
A3000, A4000
Zorro III
Autoconfig ID
2206 / 25
2206 / 29
    Fast EIDE controller
  • supports PIO0, PIO3 and PIO4 devices
  • meets the ATA 3 and Fast ATA 2 specifications
  • up to 16.6 MB/s transfer speed
  • two 40 pin IDE headers (primary and secondary)
  • the primary and secondary buses can be accessed at different speeds
  • up to four IDE or ATAPI devices can be connected at once
  • hard disk activity LED connector
  • unconventional handling of >4 GB devices, they are simply split into separate logical 4 GB blocks - can be turned off by software for filesystems implementing NSD, TD64 and Direct SCSI commands
  • multiple FastATAs are supported
  • compatible with other IDE controllers (for example the Buddha)
    FastATA 4000 Mk2
  • improved firmware in the PLD chips
  • newer autoboot ROM
Elbox FastATA 4000 (PowerFlyer Gold / Winner Fast IDE) -  front side
front side
Elbox FastATA 4000 (PowerFlyer Gold / Winner Fast IDE) -  back side
back side