E3B, Germany
A2000, A3000, A4000
Zorro II, Zorro III, Zorro IV
Autoconfig ID
3643 / 16,18,19,20,243
    USB interface
  • one internal and two external USB ports
  • compatible to USB 1.1 and 2.0 specifications
  • supports USB 2.0 highspeed mode (480 Mpbs)
  • DMA possible in Zorro III mode - card implements Zorro III busmaster
  • Super Buster 9 or 11 needed for DMA mode
  • supports PIO (Programmed I/O) operation in Zorro II and III modes
  • Fast Zorro II mode on Winner / ZIV boards
    • Deneb must be placed in one of the two topmost Zorro II slots
    • Fast Zorro II jumper must be set
  • typical data rates:
    • Zorro III: 6 MBbps (PIO) resp. 8 Mbps (DMA)
    • Zorro II: 2 Mbps (only PIO)
    • Fast Zorro II: 3 Mbps (only PIO)
  • overload and short circuit protection for all ports
  • integrated power management
  • 48 MBit FlashROM (4 MB for USB stack, 2 MB for firmware and installation software)
    • ROM can be switched off by jumper (ROMOFF jumper)
    • no media for installation needed (installation possible on diskless systems)
    • USB available from cold boot: USB devices can be used as boot device, HID devices are usable in Early Startup Menu
    • firmware updates
  • FPGA bus interface, can be upgraded via software
  • hardware watchdog (disables FlashROM in case of errors)
  • rescue mode, selectable by jumper (must be set for firmware upgrades)
  • 4 LEDs, showing:
    • FPGA booted (should be always on)
    • Zorro II mode
    • Expansion port activated
    • Rescue mode active
  • 22 pin expansion header for clockport expansions (optional, depends on firmware)
  • requires at least 68030 @ 25 MHz, compatible with 68030/40/60 and PPC
  • needs Amiga OS 3.1 or higher
  • only PIO mode on Amigs OS 4.0
  • shipped with Poseidon 4.0 OEM USB stack
  • driver for USB mouse and keyboard (HID devices), parallel interface (printers), flash card readers (SCSI emulation) and sound cards are included
E3B Deneb -  front side
front side