Eureka, Netherlands
AUX port
  • links the CD32 to the serial port of any Amiga
  • allows the Amiga to see the CD32 as a standard CD-ROM, though it provides painfully slow data transfers compared to a locally installed CD drive
  • connects to the CD32 Aux port
  • MIDI-In, MIDI-Out, MIDI-Thru connectors
  • the MIDI ports are accessible from the Amiga side too
  • three status LEDs showing MIDI Recieve, CD32 Send and Host Send
  • the control pad emulates the mouse
  • Scala driver - controls audio or video CD playback
    Communicator I
  • serial cable belongs to the Communicator unit
  • data rates up to 115200 bps (default is 9600, reliable up to 76800)
  • A2000 keyboard connector
  • Lite version lacks the MIDI and keyboard connectors
    Communicator II
  • serial cable is detachable with an RJ11 (telephone type) connector
  • data rates up to 210000 bps
  • more reliable transfers
  • better compatibility with ISO-9660 CDs
  • A2000 and A4000 keyboard connectors
  • Lite version lacks the MIDI and keyboard connectors and the status LEDs
Eureka Communicator I & II -  front side
front side