Maxon Computer, Germany
any Amiga
    Atari ST emulation
  • a 5×12 cm board without case connecting to the external floppy disk connector
  • two sockets for Atari ROMs (delivered with TOS 1.2)
  • up to eight Atari environments can run at one time
  • AmigaOS and TOS run exclusively, not parallel, but the user can switch between them anytime
  • the special "Overtake" mode removes AmigaOS, running only TOS
  • video modes:
    • 640×400 - 736×568 (HighRes), monochrome
    • 640×200 - 736×284 (MedRes), 4 colours
    • 320×200 - 368×284 (LowRes), 16 colours
    • by reducing the vertical resolution, up to 70 Hz is possible
    • does not support ECS modes
    • with Fat Agnus 8372A, either PAL or NTSC can be used
  • does not simulate the Atari hardware registers
    • programs hitting the hardware do not run
    • copy protected software and games generally do not work
    • a patch is supplied to run important software like Signum 2, TurboC 2.0 or Stad
  • hard disk support needs special drivers - hardfiles are not supported, the emulation requires dedicated Atari partitions
  • cannot read the special hyperformatted (>720 kB) floppy disks
  • provides up to two RAM disks
  • although the TOS does not support other than the 68000 processor, the emulation can run programs faster with later processors
  • does not emulate the Atari MIDI interface
Maxon Computer Chamäleon -  front side
front side