Village Tronic, Germany
A2000, A3000, A4000
Zorro II
Autoconfig ID
2167 / 201
2099 / 137
    Ethernet interface
  • AMD Am7990 Ethernet controller
  • 10Base2 and 10BaseT connectors
  • the two protocols are selectable by software
  • 32 kB buffer
  • supports multicast / broadcast (multicast is only supported by ariadne.device v1.26 or later)
  • socket for optional boot EPROM
  • four LEDs display connection information
    • LED1 (left) shows Twisted Pair MAU Link Status (only 10BaseT)
    • LED2 Transmit Status
    • LED3 Collision
    • LED4 (right) Receive Status
  • internal LED header for connecting external control LEDs - this header is connected to the LEDs on the board
  • SANA II compatible driver
  • support for up to ten Ariadne boards in one machine
  • 20% faster in receiving than the Commodore A2065
  • two additional DB25 parallel ports
    • 26 pin internal header provides connection for the second DB25 parallel port
    • SANA II compatible PLIP driver
    • ParNet driver
    • the integrated parallel port is ariadnepar.device unit 0, the optional second port is unit 1
    • parallel ports on additional Ariadne cards are unit 2, unit 3, etc.
  • supports the A-Max IV Macintosh emulator (from ariadne.device v1.28)
  • supported by Linux, NetBSD and OpenBSD
Village Tronic Ariadne - Rev 1.1 front side
Rev 1.1, front side
Village Tronic Ariadne - Rev 1.2 front side
Rev 1.2, front side
Village Tronic Ariadne - Rev 1.2 back side
Rev 1.2, back side
Village Tronic Ariadne - Rev 1.2b  front side
Rev 1.2b, front side
Village Tronic Ariadne - Rev 1.2b  back side
Rev 1.2b, back side
Village Tronic Ariadne - Rev 1.1 back side
Rev 1.1, back side

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