Elaborate Bytes, Germany
A500, A1000
A2000, A3000, A4000

side expansion port
Zorro II
    MFM controller
  • consists of MFM (OMTI 5520-B) or RLL (OMTI 5527-B) controller and an adaptor card
  • some MFM hard disks can be used with RLL controller, resulting in 50% higher capacity
  • cannot autoboot - by making the driver reset resistent, rebooting off hard disk is possible
  • supports FFS
  • supports expanded Amigas with processor card and 32 bit RAM
  • A-Max II driver (ALF.amhd)
  • A500 and A1000 versions:
    • both versions have different adaptor boards
    • plugs into side expansion port - no passthrough connector
    • no case (just the two naked boards)
    • does not provide power to the hard disk - it needs its own power supply
  • Zorro II version:
    • is a half length card
    • has no place for mounting a hard disk

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