Commodore, USA
A3000, A4000
CPU slot
  • 68LC040 / 68040 @ 25 MHz
  • can be upgraded to 50 MHz with the Doubler 4000
    general notes
  • no memory option - slow motherboard RAM access
  • memory can be added with the X-Calibur memory expansion board
  • does not support the 040's burst RAM access (7/7/7/7 clock cycles - 14.3 MB/s memory bandwidth)
  • on many A3640's the electrolyt capacitors are mounted in the wrong direction, reducing lifetime - even the PCB print is wrong
  • A3640's made by Amiga Technologies have the capacitors in the right direction, but the PCB print is still wrong
    A3000 notes
  • only v3.1 or v3.2 versions of the board work in A3000
    • v3.1 works but has problems with certain Zorro cards which use DMA
    • v3.2 works correctly
  • with Kickstart 2.04 the card does not work with the combination of Ramsey-04 and static column fast RAM
    • at least bank 0 should be page mode RAM
    • the combination of Ramsey-07 and DMAC-04 works perfectly
  • with Kickstart 3.1 there's no such problem
Commodore A3640 - Rev 3.1  front side
Rev 3.1, front side
Commodore A3640 - Rev 3.2  front side
Rev 3.2, front side
Commodore A3640 - Rev 3.2  back side
Rev 3.2, back side
Commodore A3640 - Rev 3.1  back side
Rev 3.1, back side
Commodore A3640 - blank PCB front side
blank PCB, front side
Commodore A3640 - blank PCB back side
blank PCB, back side