MacroSystem, Germany
A2000, A3000, A4000
    video encoder
  • converts the RGB video of Retina, OpalVision or Amiga to S-VHS and Composite video
  • a tiny board which connects to the Retina Z3 or into an external box
  • video signal fine tuning potentiometer
  • separate PAL and NTSC versions
    external version
  • connects to any RGB port
  • DIP switches for terminating the RGB port when no monitor is connected
  • external power supply
  • power switch
MacroSystem V-Code - Case front side
Case, front side
MacroSystem V-Code - Case rear side
Case, rear side
MacroSystem V-Code - Encoder module  front side
Encoder module, front side
MacroSystem V-Code - Encoder module  back side
Encoder module, back side