NewTek, USA
A2000, A3000, A4000
Zorro II
    Video Toaster controller
  • a SCSI based remote controller that allows Video Toaster to be used as a peripheral for an Apple Macintosh
  • as several TV stations and video production companies have experience only with Macs, NewTek had a demand for a Toaster to Mac interface system
  • the system consists of the Amiga interface card, the controller software on the Macintosh, and a simple SCSI cable
  • the controller software allows the use of Mac OS based image- and video processing applications instead of ToasterPaint, provides a Mac like user interface for the Video Toaster Switcher, and provides file transfers to and from the Amiga
  • the interface card is manufactured by Expansion Systems, it's basically a modified version of their DataFlyer Plus SCSI card
    • AMD 5380 SCSI controller
    • DB25 external SCSI connector
    • modified "autoboot ROM" and PALs
    • SCSI ID selector jumpers in place of DataFlyer's IDE header
NewTek Toaster Link -  front side
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