Omega Projects, UK
any Amiga
parallel port
    Sound Sampler
  • 8 bit mono sound sampler
  • up to 28 kHz sampling rate
  • level adjustment potentiometer (manual gain control)
  • audio input: line level mono (1× RCA socket)
  • connects to the parallel port
  • reversible design features two parallel connectors, one for the A1000 specific female connector, and one for regular parallel port (all other Amigas)
  • the parallel port is passed-through - with male / female connector on either side, it can be plugged in-between existing parallel expansions on A1000 and other Amigas
  • on/off switch
  • very small unit
  • supplied with sampling software, providing basic functions:
    • Record/Play/Monitor
    • Edit functions (Cut/Copy/Insert)
    • Zoom
    • Load/Save (IFF and Raw)
    • Sample Rate (6..34 kHz, exceeds hardware capabilities)