Mimetics, USA
A500, A1000, A2000
joystick port
    sound sampler
  • claims to be a stereo sampler but the inputs are mixed into a monoaural signal
  • 18 kHz fixed sampling rate with companding
  • one microphone input and two inputs for stereo patch cords
  • the proprietary SoundScape sample format allows storing only 64 kB per octave (older version only 32 kB)
  • supported by Mimetics' SoundScape Pro MIDI Studio sequencer
  • connects to the joystick port
  • case designed to fit directly to the A1000 joystick port, so a short extension cable is needed for the other Amiga models
Mimetics SoundScape - Exterior  top side
Exterior, top side
Mimetics SoundScape - Case opened top side
Case opened, top side
Mimetics SoundScape - Exterior  bottom side
Exterior, bottom side

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