Albrecht Computer Technik, Germany
clock port
  • Crystal Semiconductor Sound Codec 4231A
    • 5510-64000 Hz frequency range
    • ALaw, uLaw, ADPCM compression / decompression
    • MPC Level 2 compatible mixer
    • dual DMA registers support full duplex operation
    • two onchip FIFO buffers for higher performance
    • selectable Serial Audio Data Port
    • two channel simultaneous playback (simple stereo signal)
    • unlike a DSP, this chip is designed solely for handling audio, it cannot for example, off-load your CPU when playing back an 8+ channel ScreamTracker file
  • full duplex 16 bit audio sampling and playback
  • 14 sampling and playback rates up to 64 kHz
  • four stereo mini-jack sockets: one line level output, two line inputs, one microphone input
  • one of the inputs can be used to mix the Paula audio with the Prelude output
  • two piece board - the digital part connects to the clock port, the analog part fits to the spare blanking plate at the back of the A1200
  • the two parts are connected with a ribbon cable
  • software: Samplitude Opus Lite, AudioLab16
  • AHI driver
Albrecht Computer Technik Prelude 1200 -  front side
front side
Albrecht Computer Technik Prelude 1200 -  back side
back side
Albrecht Computer Technik Prelude 1200 -  front side
front side