Albrecht Computer Technik, Germany
A2000, A3000, A4000
Zorro II
Autoconfig ID
16945 / 1
    Crystal Semiconductor Sound Codec 4231A
  • 5510-64000 Hz frequency range
  • ALaw, uLaw, ADPCM compression / decompression
  • MPC Level 2 compatible mixer
  • dual DMA registers support full duplex operation
  • two onchip FIFO buffers for higher performance
  • selectable Serial Audio Data Port
  • two channel simultaneous playback (simple stereo signal)
  • unlike a DSP, this chip is designed solely for handling audio, it cannot for example, off-load your CPU when playing back an 8+ channel ScreamTracker file
  • LINE
    • can be routed to the ADC and to the onboard mixer
    • normally used for recording line level signals
  • MIC
    • can only be routed to the ADC, not to the mixer
    • used for recording only - signal may be line or mic level
  • AUX1
    • can be routed to the ADC and the onboard mixer
    • used for recording or mixing the audio output of a CD-ROM drive or the MPEGit MPEG audio decoder expansion module
  • AUX2
    • can only be routed to the mixer - cannot be used for recording
    • recommended for mixing with the Amiga output
    • after a reset when the card is not initialized by the mixer program, LINE out is muted and the source connected to AUX2 can only be sent to the mono output
  • OUT
    • goes to stereo system
  • 15 pin D-SUB connector for the customizable adaptor - when ordering, the type of connector can be chosen for each input (e.g. RCA, 1/4" phone plug , 1/8" phone plug
  • mixing means that the signal of that input can be mixed to the output along with other inputs, and the sound generated by the codec itself
  • recording means direct recording to RAM or hard disk from that input and also using it for digital realtime effects
  • 40 pin (male) expansion bus connector for expansion modules
    • Rombler - wavetable / MIDI interface
    • MPEG-it! - MPEG audio decoder supporting Layer II & III streams
    • Arpeggiator - digital input / output (S/P-DIF) for DAT, CD, MiniDisc, etc.
  • full duplex 16 bit audio sampling, mixing and playback
  • sampling and playback rates up to 64 kHz even on 68000
  • EMI filtering and double surge protection
  • Realtime F/X; u-law, A-law, ADPCM encoder / decoder; Surround Decoder; Mixer (adjusts the level of each input); tapedeck (recording one of three inputs at a time); Dub! full duplex recorder (record and playback a file at the same time); AHI
  • optional Samplitude 3.0 or AudioLab16
  • AHI driver
Albrecht Computer Technik Prelude -  front side
front side
Albrecht Computer Technik Prelude -  front side
front side
Albrecht Computer Technik Prelude -  back side
back side
Albrecht Computer Technik Prelude -  back side
back side