Commodore, USA
A2000, A3000, A4000
video slot
  • a display adapter for connecting Moniterm Viking high-persistance monitors to the Amiga
  • designed by Commodore but sold by Moniterm Corporation
  • performs the same function as the video buffer module in the Commodore A2024 monitor
    • in fact, the 15" cathode ray tube of the A2024 is manufactured by Moniterm and uses the same technology as the 19" Viking monitors
    • a Viking monitor with the Moniterm adapter card is functionally identical to the A2024
  • the Viking monitors are driven by the A2024 screenmode of Workbench
  • the Moniterm adapter builds a high resolution screen from a series of Amiga display frames
    • 10 Hz mode (10 Hz NTSC, 8.33 Hz PAL data refresh) - the screen is composed of 6 pieces
    • 15 Hz mode (15 Hz NTSC, 12.5 Hz PAL data refresh) - the screen is composed of 4 pieces
    • NTSC, 60 Hz display refresh - 1008×800 with Agnus, 1024×800 with Fat Agnus
    • PAL, 50 Hz display refresh - 1008×1024 with Agnus, 1024×1024 with Fat Agnus
  • 256 kB framebuffer
  • uses the digital video signals of the video slot
Commodore Moniterm adapter -  front side
front side
Commodore Moniterm adapter -  back side
back side