Petsoff, Finland
A2000, A3000, A4000
Zorro II
Autoconfig ID
14501 / 0
  • Motorola DSP56002 @ 40 MHz
  • 24 bit data bus
  • 56 bit accumulators
  • most instructions executed in one cycle
  • fully programmable
  • 96 kB, 24 bit SRAM, expandable to 192 or 384 kB
  • dual ported, addressable by both the DSP and Amiga - when the Amiga is accessing the memory at full speed, DSP is slowed down by 10% maximum
  • one half of the memory can be addressed in program and X data space, the other half only in Y data space
  • zero-waitstate, 25 ns
  • Crystal CS4215 audio codec connected directly to the DSP's serial bus
  • 16 bit stereo digitizing and multichannel playback at 50 kHz
  • sample frequencies up to 50 kHz
  • 16 or 8 bit linear, µ-law or A-law audio data coding
  • programmable gain and attenuation
  • microphone and line level inputs
  • headphone and line level outputs
  • on-chip anti-aliasing/smoothing filters
  • AHI driver
  • one of the DSP's serial port is for the audio codec, the other is used for RS232
  • all remaining I/O lines are used for the parallel port
  • serial baud rate is internally divided from 625000 bps, delfser.device rounds the requested baudrate to the closest available rate - setting a rate of 115200 results in 125000 bps
  • MIDI rate 31250 matches exactly, with a divider of 20
  • parallel port is similar to the Amiga's port, just used by delfpar.device
  • DB9 serial connector
  • DB25 Centronics parallel interface
Petsoff Delfina (Classic) -  front side
front side