Phase 5 Digital Products, Germany
A3000, A4000
CPU slot
Autoconfig ID
8512 / 100
  • 68060 @ 50 MHz
    • can be ordered with empty CPU socket to put an existing 68060 into it
  • four 72 pin SIMM sockets accept 128 MB RAM
  • supports 4, 8, 16, 32 MB SIMMs 60-70 ns
  • 64 bit interleaved RAM access
  • up to 68 MB/s transfer speed
  • the Cyberstorm Mk3 is a bit picky about DRAM Chip Memory Array organization
    • the card only has 11 address lines, thus only 2048×2048 organized DRAM Memory Arrays are supported
    • 1024×4096 organized chips would need 12 address lines and are not working
    • the Memory Array organization is given in the chip datasheet and not to be confused with the output bit configuration (e.g. 4M×4) of a DRAM chip
    • if the chip has the wrong organization, only half of the RAM is recognised
    • the board is the same as the CyberStorm PPC without the PPC components - not upgradeable to PPC
    • Ultra Wide SCSI controller, NCR 53C770 - supported by NetBSD
    • expansion slot for the CyberVision PPC
    • the SCSI controller needs the INT2 signal which is not present in the A3000's CPU slot
Phase 5 Digital Products CyberStorm Mk3 -  front side
front side
Phase 5 Digital Products CyberStorm Mk3 -  back side
back side
Phase 5 Digital Products CyberStorm Mk3 - Board with Memory front side
Board with Memory, front side