Commodore, USA
side expansion port
    IBM XT emulation
  • 8088 @ 4.77 MHz
  • optional 8087 FPU
  • sixteen DIP sockets for up to 512 kB RAM - 256 kB is preinstalled in eight of the sockets
  • supports 256k×1 150 ns or faster DIPs, in 128, 256, 512 kB configurations
  • RAM can be expanded up to 640 kB using a RAM expansion card in an XT slot
  • 128 kB dual port RAM visible by both the Amiga and PC (8 kB for mono display, 32 kB for colour display, 16 kB used for maintenance of records, 64 kB for data exchange, 8 kB used for I/O registers)
  • connects to the side expansion port
  • covers the mouse and game ports, they are passed through to the front of the Sidecar
  • requires the A1000 to be expanded to 512 kB (ie. by the A1050 expansion cartridge)
  • turning on power to the Sidecar unless the Amiga is powered up can seriously damage the Amiga - use the attached power-cord extender so the A1000 is powered through the Sidecar, though this means the A1060 has to be turned on all the time even if it is unused
  • two display modes
    • monochrome: instead of green text on black screen, the Sidecar can display four colours in PC monochrome mode - the colour of text, intensified text and the background are independent of each other and freely adjustable
    • colour: text can be rendered in up to 16 colours, and graphics can be up to 4 colours
    • neither modes support blinking of text
  • can use the Amiga parallel port - it has to be dedicated to either the Amiga or the PC side exclusively
  • printing works only for applications using interrupt handshaking - those writen with busy-wait loops will not work (eg. Print Screen)
  • three XT ISA slots
  • optional 1 MB memory expansion for the Amiga side
  • 360 kB 5.25" floppy drive built in - up to four floppy drives are supported
Commodore A1060 -  front side
front side
Commodore A1060 - Case opened top side
Case opened, top side
Commodore A1060 - Interface board front side
Interface board, front side
Commodore A1060 - Main board front side
Main board, front side