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Do not use wildcards or logical expressions.

Using of wildcards is not supported. Just enter the bare string you look for and the search engine will list all products which contain that substring.
For example entering "vision" in the name field will list the CyberVisions, OpalVision, Visiona, etc.

You can enter multiple strings into the name and company fields, separated by spaces. The engine will search for products or companies containing all the entered substrings, regardless of its order (logical AND relation).

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You can list all the products of a company by specifying the company name and leaving the other fields blank. You don't have to enter the full name of the company, you can use abbreviations (eg. GVP, CSA, IVS, etc.).
The search engine will also list the products of the company's predecessor and successor company (eg. Phase5 <-> Advanced Systems & Software).

Another useful feature is the combined search with the model and feature fields. Select the Amiga model and the features you wish to add for it and leave the other fields blank. This way for example you can list all the SCSI controller options for the A1200.