SysSpeed test results

Description of tested systems

processor card processor (1), coprocessor (2), chip set (3), Kickstart (4), graphics card, RTG system (5)
hard disk, file system (6), block size, controller

  1. "604e/233, 060/50" - PowerPC 604e @ 233 MHz and 68060 @ 50 MHz
  2. "882/50" - 68882 @ 50 MHz
  3. "OCS" - Original Chip Set
    "ECS" - Enhanced Chip Set
  4. "3.1 in RAM" - Kickstart version 3.1, relocated into Fast RAM
  5. "CGX" - CyberGraphX
    "P96" - Picasso 96
  6. "I-FFS, 16k" - FastFileSystem, international mode, with 16 kB blocksize
    "DC-FFS, 512" - FastFileSystem, directory caching mode, with 512 byte blocksize
    "AFS" - AmiFileSafe
    "PFS" - ProFileSystem
    "HFS+" - MacOS Extended Hierarchic FileSystem

Description of tests

Every test moves 5 MB through a greatest possible buffer and counts the time for it.
The first row shows the transfer speed with byte aligned buffer, the second with longword aligned (32 bit).
A "-" means there's no Fast RAM installed in the tested system.
Every test writes/reads 5 times a 1 MB file to/from the harddisk and calculates the average speed. Performance depends on the fragmentation of the tested hard disk partition.
A "-" means there's no hard disk installed in the tested system.
Intuition / Graphics
These tests measure the speed of the OS functions using the intuition.library and the graphics.library. Graphics card performance depends on the version of RTG software.
The first row shows the graphics performance with a 8 bit screen (256 colours), the second row with 24 bit screen (16 million colours).
A "-" means there's no graphics card installed in the tested system.
This test measures the speed of the CPU/FPU to execute 10 Mio instructions.
Note: There is no real method to test MIPS/MFLOPS, SysSpeed uses its own method and its results cannot be compared to those of other benchmark programs.
A "-" means there's no coprocessor installed in the tested system (020, 030), or the processor has no functional floating point unit (LC040).
PowerPC tests work only with WarpOS because with PowerUp it`s not possible to run PowerPC code directly.

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