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Individual Computers, Germany
side expansion port
Autoconfig ID
4626 / 64
  • CPU: 68EC000 @ 14 MHz
  • CPU is overclocked, the nominal speed of the CPU is 10 MHz
  • 2 MB RAM
  • memory autoconfiguration
  • 512k Flash ROM, it contains a licensed Kickstart 1.3 and 3.1
  • installed trapdoor expansions are supported
    • 512k expansions can be added as either ChipRAM or FastRAM - an ECS Agnus is needed for ChipRAM option
    • if larger than 512k, automatically added as FastRAM
  • delivered without case, meant to be installed as-is (bare board)
  • MapROM feature
  • two CF card slots (replace hard disk)
    • one slot supports autoboot from Amiga formatted CF cards with RDB
    • no hotplug support
    • one slot supports FAT16/FAT32 formatted CF cards to allow data exchange with PCs (no software needed, FAT95 filesystem in ROM)
    • not all CF cards are working, try-and-error procedure may be necessary to find a working one
  • boot menu with the following options
    • select between Kickstart ROM installed in Amiga or one of the two Kickstarts in Flash ROM of ACA 500
    • floppy options - allows deactivation or no-click mode
    • switch between PAL and NTSC modes
    • load A1000 Kickstart disk
    • issue flash software update from CF card
    • store and select configuration profiles and a standard configuration
    • language selection (english or german)
  • A1200 compatible clock port
  • A1200 CPU port
  • 16 bit I/O expansion port
  • de-brick jumper, disables certain RAM and ROM functions to allow flashing a new ROM
  • compatibility jumper (J2)
    • disables RAM and certain IRQs
    • CF card slots, expansion and clock ports disabled
    • MapROM disabled
    • other features to increase compatibility
  • compatible with WHDLoad game software (Quit key is also supported), however due to limited amount of RAM on the card many games do not work